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Puppet Olaf by Lizz1cevae
Puppet Olaf
The only decent picture I have of me and my Olaf puppet. We have a love/hate relationship. Hidden in the cloud are 2 wooden sticks which help me to control Olaf's arms and head. I've been practicing a lot with it since this stubborn snowman was a lot harder to control than I thought he would be. -.- The plan was to make Olaf dance on stage, but during the real performance Olaf decided that he only needed 1 arm from now one and lost the other one. .-. This is pretty realistic to the real Olaf (which is cool), but it makes it impossible to control him. XD This picture was taken on stage just a couple of seconds before that happened. Since then I still haven't fixed him. And I'm still hesitating if I should fix him or not. It's gonna be quite a lot of work and he's not really suited to walk around a convention with. But it already cost me a lot of work to make him and I still think he's pretty awesome.

Picture taken by:…
Ice queen Elsa by Lizz1cevae
Ice queen Elsa
I really want (and should) post more pictures of my Elsa cosplay, but sadly enough I don't have that many pics yet. 
This picture was taken on stage. I joined the preliminaries for Eurocos at Abunai 2014 in the Netherlands. It was the first time for me joining a cosplay competition, and I was nervous as hell! The main reason I joined was because I wanted some on stage experience, especially since I'm planning to join more competitions in the future. Even with all the stress and stagefright I was "suffering" from I was able to enjoy it a lot. =) It feels like I'v learnt a lot from it and it was great talking to other participants backstage. 

Picture taken by:…
So ehmm yeah, maybe I should start writing journals, even though I'm not a good writer and I'm not sure if there's anyone out there who's bored enough to read this. >.<! But hey, I could always give it a try.

I'll keep my DA more updated from now on with the cosplays I'm working on. I've got sooooooo many costumes I still wanna make (and where I should work on atm lalalalalaa 8D). Really need to decide where to put my priorities and how to combine my job with making costumes. Doesn't always work the way I want it to. =(
Atm I'm working on a dark gunner cosplay which is from nostale. It's not a well known game, but there's gonna be a group with nostale cosplayers so I really wanna do this. And it's a lot easier compared to my Zelda costume, so no headaches. =)
After that I'm gonna start on Mirka Fortuna. Gonna make this costume together with a friend who's gonna go as Seth Nightroad. Can't wait to start working on this huge project, but I can't wait 'till it's finished either. I've got about a year to finish it, and I've got a bad feeling that I'm gonna need that much time as well.

So those two have to be done first. We'll see what'll happen after that. Like I said, so many ideas, not much time for it. XD In the meanwhile I'll try to write a journal from time to time and keep my cosplay progress updated as well. ^.^ I've just been to the Elf Fantasy Fair at Haarzuilens, so I'm expecting some nice pictures of that as well. I'm still waiting for most of them, so I'll post them later on. =)

That's it for now, pictures coming soon~ And for the people who were bored enough to read this: ty for reading. ^^.


Lizz1cevae's Profile Picture
A dutch cosplayer and a huge fan of the Legend of Zelda series.
I still think I'm a beginner at making cosplays, since I've only just made 1 costume so far. But I'm trying to improve my skills with everything I try. You can expect more Zelda cosplays from me later on!

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